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Food in Mexico is a celebration. The most recognizable Mexican food item is probably the taco. Everything that fits in a tortilla makes a taco. At LuLu's we love them so much that we have parties to celebrate them, these parties are called taquizas. They are informal gatherings where people stand around the grill "Plancha" or the table with tortillas in hand ready to make their own tacos.

LuLu's can help you plan your taquiza by providing the freshest raw ingredients, an experienced cooking staff and our new wheeled stainless steel propane "taquiza cart" delivered directly to your home, or event location.

Sample Taquiza Menu

  • Flour and Corn Tortillas
  • Carne Asada, Pollo Asado, Grilled Marinated Fish or Shrimp
  • Traditional Mexican Red Rice & Vegetarian Green Cilantro Rice
  • Vegetarian Black Beans & Vegetarian Refried Beans
  • Quesadilla served with Salsa Fresca, Guacamole and Sour Cream
  • Variety of spicy and mild house made salsas
  • Salsa Fresca
  • Shredded lettuce, Mexican Cotija Cheese, Monterey Jack Cheese,
         Sliced Avocado, Fresh Lime and Cilantro